Auxiliaries for the manufacture of man-made fibres, products from ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ GmbH & Co KG / Germany
Specialists in synthetics
The manufacture of man-made fibers from synthetic polymers is subject to a rapid technical change.
New techniques andnew fibers and their variants have emerged and continue to emerge

Practice-oriented development work and a pilot plant equipped with latest fiber-making and processing machines,as well as measuring and checking devices, guarantee continual adaptation and optimization of our special auxiliaries.The preliminary and intermediary products used forthe manufacturing process are largely derived from
the company’s own production.

ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ helps the man-made fibers industry with an extensive product line.
Product Available  
Fasavin - Spin finish    
Lertisan - Spin finish      
Antelin - Spin finish        
Conolan - Spin finish        
Conol - Coning oil      
Lubricit - Antistatic agent        
Zetesoft - Fibrefill lubricant        
Depicol - Cleaning agent        
Other auxiliaries products or specific requirements also avilable upon your inquiry  

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